Stretch out your advertising tent pegs!

As a salesperson you know that it is essential to advertise your customer’s properties online, so that you can get prospective customers. But do you know what it means to ‘stretch out your advertising tent pegs’?

“Stretching out your advertising tent pegs” is a terminology I use to explain why you need to broaden your online advertising by using as many high-quality avenues as possible.

Traffic is coming into websites in waves, with flows of different visitors coming into a website from multiple search engines with new visitors (sometimes more and sometimes less). Every website is different, so it attracts different waves of traffic (people). You could be missing out on new customers by not stretching out your tent pegs.

People are using different browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, DuckDuckGo. They are using different search engines, such as Google and Bing. So, traffic results are different. They also use different terminologies = different search listing results.

Market to as many people as possible by using a broader selection of reputable online advertising services to stretch out your advertising tent pegs.

Katie Humphrey

Article written by Katie Humphrey

Founder of
Qualified National Certificate in Real Estate Salesperson (level 4)
Owner of Berryman Media which operates over 30 online advertising platforms for a wide range of industries.